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Your Story Matters.

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Rachel Nusbaum of Orchid Story

Sometimes, big, life-changing events happen. They leave us feeling bruised and a lot less like the person we know we are at our core. We divide our lives into the before and after. We wonder how to make sense of it and how to move on as the new me.

The beautiful thing is that how we respond, and what comes next... it's up to us. We have the power within us to forge ahead and live meaningful days again. It is a choice to be made. How we show up in our response matters deeply.

At 18 weeks pregnant with my second child, I was thrust unwillingly into the dizzying world of pediatric cardiology. We were faced with enormous life or death decisions about the tiny being inside of me, his heart the size of grape. 

These are our life stories. The data, the test result, the experts. They matter. But the story - and the way we weave it into our identity, our core - is everything.

What I do is take you on a life story journey where together we work on tangible ways to find a place for your story to become a healthier part of your identity. Orchid Story is built on the belief that you can make the choice to write the ending to your story.