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You’ve known for a long time that you have a story that needs to be told.

You want to stop the stress and anxiety from bleeding into the most joyous parts of your life.

You want to start enjoying life again and finding new purpose.

You want to fully accept and love yourself so that you may fully accept and love others.

You know telling your story will lead you to healing.

What’s included?

  • Meeting 1: Story Exploration

    • Meet in person (Vienna, VA) or by video for two hours. Examine the stories you’ve been telling yourself about your life events. Go deep into the effect this struggle has had on your well-being. Walk through the process of rewriting your story and learn how doing so affects the wiring in your brain (in the best way!). Receive a personalized plan for moving forward including writing exercises and resources.

  • Meeting 2: Write a New Ending

    • Meet in person or by video for one hour session 2-3 weeks following Meeting 1. We start with an accountability check in and meet you where you are. This meeting focuses on growth and moving forward towards the new ending you’re creating for yourself.

Your investment of $297 gets you:

  • Two 1:1 meetings for a total of three hours, plus my notes, audio recordings, and personalized writing exercises tailored to your story journey. I’m also available for email support in between the two meetings.

  • Writing your story and reflecting on it in a new way has been shown time and again to improve physical and mental health.

  • Healing comes from both telling and being truly heard in an open and accepting environment.

  • You’ll get a newfound sense of inner calm and freedom from the big shifts in perspective you’ll experience.

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