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You’ve known for a long time that you are carrying around a story that needs a new ending.

You want freedom from that old story that prevents you from being the person you want to be.

You want to find time for self-care and learn how to be present.

You want to deepen your self-compassion and show up for your family with a full cup.


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All of the above is $1497 or 4 monthly payments of $400.


What You’ll Get Out of Sanctuary VIP:

  • One Deep Dive session and eight additional coaching sessions over four months (first month: Deep Dive and two private sessions; second, third and fourth months: two private sessions each month). You’ll get a printed Sanctuary workbook plus goodies delivered to you (yay for snail mail!) in addition to my notes and the audio recordings from each session.

  • Application of a proven framework for healing, that you can use time and again independently after completion of this experience.

  • Research has shown this work leads to increased resilience, improved psychological well-being, and long term positive shifts in mood.

  • Studies suggest this story work also affects physical health by lowering blood pressure.

  • Start replacing self-doubt and self-loathing with self-compassion and get the tools to use it in your everyday.

  • You’ll get a newfound sense of inner calm and freedom from the big shifts in perspective you’ll experience.

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The Sanctuary Framework

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Have a question? Check out the FAQs:

Q. Do I need to have writing experience?

A. Not at all! Our goal is to find healing in your writing; if you are interested in publishing your story I will support you, but publishing is not at all the focus of the program. Healing is.

Q. How much time will this take?

A. Most of the women I work with are feeling incredibly crunched for time. The entire first part of the Sanctuary framework is about making time for yourself. In addition to the live coaching time you should give yourself about an hour per week to focus on this work.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. I don't offer full or partial refunds at any point. When you make the commitment to working with me you are responsible for payment for the entire program whether or not you are able to attend and do the work. Ask yourself if you are ready to examine your story (because it does take energy!) before you commit.