Yours might be the story of a child diagnosed with an anxiety disorder after painful years of wondering why can’t he just happily play on the playground like all the other kids.

Yours might be the story of your own diagnosis, the three specialists you consulted before they figured it out, and the uphill climb through difficult treatment.

Or maybe yours is the story of the sudden loss of your parent, being forced to say goodbye too soon, the vision you’ve always had of your own kids snuggling and laughing with their grandfather just taken away.

I know these are your stories because I’m living some of them too. 

Without taking conscious action our stories of struggle do have the ability to take over, to keep you from feeling the joy of your child flying down the street on her scooter with the wind whipping back her hair or soaking in that hour of rare coffee date time with your bestie. 

But it’s so hard to take time for yourself when competing pressures of work and family and just life eat up all of your time. Maybe you haven’t even had a chance for a coffee date for as long as you can remember. 

And yet, you are yearning to free up space in your mind. To find a place for your story without allowing it to color your entire world view. You are ready for a new chapter.

The thing is, you have survived. Your story is your strength. And I can help you find your new song, write a new ending to your story.