From Struggle to Strength: Rewriting Your Story



Q. I haven't experienced a specific trauma that I want to write about. Why should I take your class?

A. Have you been hurt? Have you felt conflicted or let down by someone you love? If you are an adult human being you have life stories that would be helpful to work through. But, you do have to be open to exploring them. The science shows that working through difficult experiences is more beneficial than positive ones. Class starts with some brainstorming exercises to help you figure out which story to choose.

Q. Do I have to share my writing?

A. Each class will have an allotted time for sharing; however, there is no requirement to share. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your writing you may choose to share how you feel when you are writing, for example. My classroom is a safe space - what's shared in class stays in class. 

Q. What do you mean when you say there is scientific research to support your storytelling process?

A. Psychologists have found that narrative identity is an important part of our personality. Diving into our life stories, especially the negative ones, has been found to benefit well-being. This research is sprinkled into the class in a very digestible way. Check out these resources for further info. 

Q. Do you offer your class online?

A. Starting in 2018 the class will also be offered online. Sign up for my newsletter to get details as they are released.

Q. Why are you the right teacher for me?

A. I love to teach. I've been teaching for 12 years to various groups of students from kindergarteners to genetic counseling graduate students. Teaching is one of my superpowers. What about my writing, you ask? If you are interested in checking out my scientific publications, you can find them here (just grab some caffeine first!) To read my personal essays and blogs that have been published click the logos on the bottom of my About page

Possibly more important is that Orchid Story was born out of my personal experience. Delving into my own difficult life story surrounding the diagnosis of congenital heart disease in my son was the motivation behind this business. I am passionately motivated to help people find meaning in their difficult life experiences. Read more about my story.

Q. What is your teaching style?

A. Encouraging and engaged. Watch this webinar to get a better idea of my style.