Choosing a word of intention for your year is something I came across when I first dove head first into learning about self-reflection. The idea sounded a little woo woo, but last year I decided to try it. My word was fun. Nothing fancy. Simply fun.

I found that it guided many of my choices. It was a factor in signing up for the ah-mazing online business course I took this past year. As in I have no clue where this will lead me, but it sounds like so much fun! The result was this website and my growing business.

But 2017 was barreling towards me with no new word in sight. On December 30 I found myself in the middle of Manhattan. Fresh out of my first ever witnessing of the Rockettes (let's get last minute tickets because, well, fun!) I was getting jostled by the holiday crowds and focusing on keeping the kids right beside me. I happened to glance up and saw the Believe sign on the side of the Macy's building.

What a sign (pun intended)! That was it; my 2017 word of the year. Believe

Believe in myself. That when I fall down (I always do) I can figure out how to get myself back up.

Believe in my kids. That they are goodness and light. 

Believe in the capacity of others. That being everything to everyone is not helpful (nor possible) for myself or for those who love me. 

Believe in the grace of the universe. That even when I can't see a way out of the darkness, the light will eventually come. 

Happy 2017 - I'd love to hear your intention for the new year!