The time I sat onstage and did not utter a word during a big talk.

Watch the video to see why this was a pivotal moment of transformation and how it might relate to your life, especially if you have one of these beliefs: 1. The anxiety and uncertainty you carry is going to weigh you down forever; 2. Self-care is not important for me.

These are the exact type of self-limiting beliefs we work to reframe in Sanctuary. I invite you to check out the program to see if you are a good fit - we start in Oct. Click here to learn about Sanctuary.

Book Club: The Orchid and the Dandelion Part 3

Dr. Boyce’s conclusions from The Orchid and the Dandelion are so well aligned with the mission of Orchid Story it has me dancing with glee over here. Watch my final video to understand what I mean.

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The Power of Believing Hard

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. They run the show. Our thoughts generate feelings which then cause us to act in a certain way. A lot of the time we run around on autopilot; we're not even aware of the thoughts that we have. Then we feel like life is happening to us. But what if we stop to ask ourselves what are the thoughts that are running through our heads? When we get to know those subconscious thoughts we can start to see how they aren't serving us. We can create new thoughts. When we put in the work to really believe in these new thoughts, we have the ability to change our lives. Our brains are neuroplastic, which means we have the ability to literally rewire our minds! 

I first experienced the power of my thoughts controlling my actions back when I was a gymnast. Gymnastics is a great example because it's so easy to see how it works. For many years my main skill on beam was a roundoff backhandspring. (Wondering what in the world that is? Here's a video I found on youtube.) I was terrified, absolutely terrified of doing this trick and I did it for the better part of a decade. You know what made me actually do it and then land it? My thoughts. What do you think happened on days when I thought, this scares me, what if my foot slips on the roundoff? I was unlikely to get the guts to even throw it, let alone land standing on the beam. But on days when I thought, I've done this thing a million times, of course I'm landing it, I would do just that. 

Now, as an adult who only does gymnastics on occasion at the trampoline park (see below...), I'm working on being super intentional with my thoughts. I have a belief that I am going to make a good living and serve with Orchid Story. If I was already living that dream, what would my thoughts be? How would I approach my day? My to do list? The person who coaches me on all of this is Brooke Castillo. She doesn't know me, but I listen to her podcast The Life Coach School and implement all of the tools she teaches. If this idea intrigues you I encourage you to listen to these episodes first. 

Episode #157 Thought Creation
Episode #228 Believing Hard
Episode #248 Superthinking

Far cry from my old days but some things are like riding a bike!


Choosing a word of intention for your year is something I came across when I first dove head first into learning about self-reflection. The idea sounded a little woo woo, but last year I decided to try it. My word was fun. Nothing fancy. Simply fun.

I found that it guided many of my choices. It was a factor in signing up for the ah-mazing online business course I took this past year. As in I have no clue where this will lead me, but it sounds like so much fun! The result was this website and my growing business.

But 2017 was barreling towards me with no new word in sight. On December 30 I found myself in the middle of Manhattan. Fresh out of my first ever witnessing of the Rockettes (let's get last minute tickets because, well, fun!) I was getting jostled by the holiday crowds and focusing on keeping the kids right beside me. I happened to glance up and saw the Believe sign on the side of the Macy's building.

What a sign (pun intended)! That was it; my 2017 word of the year. Believe

Believe in myself. That when I fall down (I always do) I can figure out how to get myself back up.

Believe in my kids. That they are goodness and light. 

Believe in the capacity of others. That being everything to everyone is not helpful (nor possible) for myself or for those who love me. 

Believe in the grace of the universe. That even when I can't see a way out of the darkness, the light will eventually come. 

Happy 2017 - I'd love to hear your intention for the new year!