What is the reason why?

I love, love, love when I get questions from my community. It helps me create new content and it sheds light on where I can be more clear. 

One question that came up: 

What are the different ways to use your story?

This is so important to consider. But before we get to the different ways to use your story, I suggest you start with this question:

What is the reason WHY you are telling your story?

Let me get a little more specific. Let's say the reason why you are telling your story is because you are a business owner who wants to connect on a deeper level with your clients. What you can do with your story when you come at it from this angle would be much different than if your reason why is to dive into a struggle you've experienced because you want to find new meaning in it.

I want to help you explore this for yourself, so I made you a worksheet to help you answer this question. We'll get more specific about what to do with your story in upcoming posts.

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