Rewrite Your Story


In this writing class you'll learn how to process your challenging experiences to create positive shifts in well-being. We use science-backed tools blended with engaging writing lessons and dedicated time for discussion sprinkled in. Reframe your story of struggle to one of empowerment and growth. 


What do I need?

No special tools or experience required. Your course content will be delivered by email. We will use an online platform for the live sessions. If you have a good internet connection, a pen, and a willingness to learn, you are ready!

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What do I get?

  • 12 lessons giving you a solid understanding of how our stories affect our well-being. Plus writing guidance to get your story from start to completion.

  • 7 worksheets to get your pen moving on the page

  • 3 live sessions for community support and Q&A

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Lesson One:

What is Narrative Identity?

Lesson Two:

Narrative Identity Concepts

Lesson Three:

The Heart of it: Meaning Making

Lesson Four:

Themes in Our Stories

Lesson Five:

Put on Your Research Hat

Lesson Six:

Mental Health Benefits  

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Lesson One:

Start Moving Your Pen  

Lesson Two:

What is Your Story About?

Lesson Three:

Build the Texture

Lesson Four:

What is the Plot?

Lesson Five:

Author Your Ending

Lesson Six:

Finish Your Piece


What Students are Saying:

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+ What is the class schedule?

A. Each week you will receive your Science lesson on Monday and your Writing lesson on Wednesday. These will be delivered via email. There will also be a live class component using an online platform. If you can't attend live the recordings will be available.

+ Why do I have to apply?

A. Diving into your story, especially a traumatic one, can bring up a lot of emotion. That is normal. However, it is my obligation to make sure my students are not in the midst of a crisis that necessitates more imemediate action. And to make sure you feel comfortable with me and I feel comfortable with you.

+ Can I still enroll if I can't attend the live classes?

A. Absolutely!

+ Do I need to have writing experience?

A. Nope! But you do need to have a general idea of the story you are interested in exploring.

+ Do you offer refunds?

A. I do not offer refunds. I stand strongly behind all of the content in this class. Ask youself if you are ready to examine your story (because it does take work!) before you commit.

+ How much time will this class take?

A. I would allow yourself 1-2 hours each week to get through the lessons and to allow time for completing your writing assignments.

+ How long will I have access to the course materials.

A. Lifetime access - as long as YouTube is sticking around...

About Rachel Nusbaum, Founder of Orchid Story

I believe that we find connection and meaning by exploring our stories of struggle. I believe this because I have experienced it myself on the path to creating Orchid Story. Finding meaning in our losses and challenges helps us make sense of our lives and ourselves. 

I’m an excellent listener who is intuitive and honest. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Orchid Story is built on the belief that you can make the choice to write the ending to your story.

What's on my CV: BS from James Madison University, MS in Genetic Counseling from University of Pittsburgh

Current/prior faculty appointments: Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland

Over 20 scientific publications, 2017 LTYM DC cast, personal essays published by Rebelle SocietyHolstee, Kind Over Matter and more.

My superpower is an ability to translate the complexities of science into actionable tools for wellness. Email me with your questions about class.